The Digital Agency

The Digital Agency” is a digital marketing agency which I am founder & director of.

The Digital Agency is a digital marketing agency with offices in London and Istanbul. The Digital Agency has expertise in website production, social media communication, search engine optimization, Facebook & Google advertising through 12 years of experience with 110 brands in 400 projects.

World-class brands that trust The Digital Agency include:

  • World’s largest tire manufacturer: Michelin
  • World’s leading beauty company selling direct: Oriflame
  • World’s largest hotel chain IHG that owns Holiday Inn
  • World’s largest hosting company: Equinix
  • World’s 3rd largest biscuit producer: Yildiz Holding (owner of McVities, United Biscuits, Godiva)
  • World’s largest natural products company: Dabur
  • Europe’s largest auto service station chain: Euromaster
  • Europe’s largest integrated meat factory: Aytaç
The Digital Agency

Business Relationships and Data

Give value to customers, it doesn’t have to be a spending on your side.


You can use learn more to get people visit your website.


Most of the sales is psychology.


You can reword to make people feel different.


Build trust with customers. Allow time to nurture relationships.


A little extra in the postage. Exceed expectations.

Given that you are doing your job well.

We want to make customers feel special.


Relationship is with your suppliers as well, not just with customers.


You don’t have to wait for Christmas to give back.


If you are not continuously developing trust and consistently delivering value, it becomes transactional and about price.


12 ways to create a great professional relationship


Heightened need – send an email to upsell before the order is dispatched?


BURAK – We can send upsell emails related to products purchased


Subscription services, convenience



1- Be you, have a personality. Give something people to talk about. Not just sell them. We want them to join us in this journey. Introduce people from the team. Even you are small team, show them the actual people working behind the scenes.


2- Share your goals and values,


3- Respect, relationships take time to built unless someone is referred to you by a trusted connection. You never know where it is going to lead even a small purchase.


4- Don’t let your tongue run away with you. If you have good news, share the good news. Let people know that you have their back as a way of showing loyalty to them. We have all been at events where gossip and unnecessary conversations go down among people that simple shouldn’t be doing that.


5- Introductions, One of the greatest compliments to receive in business is a referral. But think twice before introducing people. You need to make your own decisions.


Have the right motives and be connecting people for the right reasons so don’t get too attached to someone on the promise of a referral. Not all referrals work out. It takes two to make it happen and work, so don’t be doing all the work.


6- Be open minded. You never know where it is going to lead. Realistic expectations and never assume. Always go into relationships with an open mind. People are only who we think they are based on what our interactions have been with them.


Accept the way people are not as you want them to be. If we have preconceived expectations of people, then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.


7- Spend time with them: If you really want to get to know people, ask them to go for coffee so that you can talk more personally one to one. Don’t be afraid to share experiences, ideas, points of view and simply learn more about each other’s story, family and professional history.


8- Be fun,


9- Be honest when things are not going well. We are human and sometimes that means sharing and supporting people through difficulty, challenge and change. Showing our vulnerability is part of our authenticity. One word of caution, this is best shared with a select few rather than more publicity. Use good good judgement here.


10- Help each other out


11- Consistency


Offer the best service you can and do it.


Zappos 1 year return policy:

It’s easy, and it’s FREE! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Zappos Luxury you can return your item(s) for a full refund within 365 days of purchase. (Returns must be unworn, in the state you received them, and in the original packaging.)


Over deliver. Always over deliver if you can. Set realistic expectations and over deliver.


Identify 10 people, mutual benefit, something personal about them that you can use, your end goal, idea of how to get to your end goal.




Requirement of getting permission to email to customers was there before GDPR. If you had gotten appropriate permission before GDPR, you didn’t have to ask for permission again.


GDPR aims to make accessing data and using it maliciously difficult. You should not store all sensitive data together. HR folder? Where is it stored? If everything is in the same place, it is not GDPR compliant.


If employee has a company phone, business in theory can track employee location in and out of work hours. Find my phone feature.


90% of the all data has been created in the last 2 years.


ICO – Make sure everyone deals with data correctly.


GDPR – you need to put policies in place mostly.


People can ask for a copy of the data of the business holds about them, for free. They do not even need to provide a reason.


Are all PCs have passwords? Windows 10 does not automatically encrypt data.


Take reasonable measures. Company laptops should not be able to print at home. You can not track what is being printed.

If the employee emails the sensitive document, it can be traced.


You must have company number and name on all official data stores, contracts etc


What is consent?

Any freely given specific and informed indication of his wishes by which the data subject signifies his agreement to personal data relating to him being processed.


Data risk assessment

Risk assessment is the identification of hazards that could negatively impact an organization’s ability to conduct business. These assessments help identify these inherent business risks and provide measures, processes and controls to reduce the impact of these risks to business operations.


SPAM – Ply around with the domains – it is very difficult to get out of the bad spam score of the domain.


CRM – You get out what you put in. Clean your data. No duplicates.


Zoho CRM – £25 per month. Cloud based. Tracks sales, sale based system.


Microsoft Dynamics – Lots of developers. You can customise it easily for industry specific needs. £90 per month. Some really smart features.


Infusionsoft – Marketing and sales point of view. 3-6 months to setup. Not very quick to setup.


Sales Force – Used to be #1 – cheap now but not developed for few years.  pardot marketing £600 per month


What is the main thing you need from a CRM –


BURAK – Claim free book – just pay postage – add these books as well?


BURAK – Kids Birthdays – What was the reason for your purchase? We can ask customers.


Make it as easy as possible for people to buy – do not always discount.


Getting the customer relationship off on the right foot –


Open data sources – Big data corridor project


Never stop collecting data – GDPR does not say you can not collect. Just set policies and protect.


Utilize Linkedin


Small business have the advantage of having a personality, be human


Make sure the story you tell is of interest of your target audience.


Digital Conference 2.0 notes

Google – Growing Digitally in the digital age

Google Market Finder


Digital in 2018 in the United Kingdom


DIT Exporting Event, 6th Feb, Google & Push Slides


Push Group – Growing your business internationally and how to beat the competition


UK digital advertising spending is very high than some EU countries combined

So agencies in the UK have a competitive advantage over EU agencies


Data is the new oil


There is no digital strategy anymore, just strategy in a digital world.


Tips in Google ads:

  • Structure, do not use single campaign. Spread out in different and specialized campaigns and ad groups
  • Use Semrush to see keywords that competitors are using
  • Scripts can identify keywords not in your account
  • Shopping feed and its structure effects eCommerce campaigns significantly
  • Native advertising, article based advertising
  • Emotive ad copy is out performing functional benefits


Facebook tips

  • Do not go for lowest cost. Have your conversion data and optimize to it.


Website tips

iProspect – An audience centric approach to international growth


  • 4,2 million people are on the internet
  • Hard launch vs soft launch.
    • Soft launch, open the website and wait for someone to come, not actively bringing people in, focus on satisfying existing demand to your WS
    • Hard launch, actively generate interest, get more traffic
  • Growth is never exponential, peak of inflated expectations, plateau of productivity
    • Avoid waste and beat the curve with an audience centric strategy
  • Data is the new currency of business
    • But you might not have data in a new market
    • Zoom in who your best customers are
    • Demographics, mindset, behaviours, triggers, prosperity
  • Global web index, Google tools, facebook audiences,
  • Tone of voice, USPs (unique selling proposition), images, placement
  • Adaptability is key, interpret and optimize audience performance singlas and online behaviour in their local context.


Sum up

  • Data first audience strategy, best attainable audience
  • Offer them personalized marketing experience
  • Adapt and learn quickly


Channeladvisor – Creating your digital export road map


  • Amazon ads is fastest growing business unit
  • Customer journeys are not linear anymore
  • Consumers hop between different emarketplaces, search engines and social networks
  • Reaching large amount of customers has never been easier but reaching the correct audience is very difficult
  • It all starts with correct and comprehensive product data, (multiple sites etc)
  • Where your target audience chooses to transact
  • Deliver delight, how do you deliver on the promise, product quality, logistics, think about overall customer experience
  • 86% of customers still prefer free delivery over fast delivery


Avenue 51 – Global business and e-commerce and breaking into China


  • Niche markets, 3 legged dogs
  • You can rent everything, accounting software, people
  • Gatekeepers disappeared, approve your book, music industry
  • Fast prototyping
  • 20. century was about suppliers
  • 21. century millions of suppliers, 21. century is about markets
  • Findability . Where you make your products available for purchase.
  • Google rewards brand, high quality branded content. Whereas marketplaces tend not to.
  • Before you do anything with marketplaces, first build a strong brand. Good website with good amount of content. What is it that you stand for. Why they should buy from you?
  • Scalability. Being able to fulfill to lots of people. Marketplace has significant advantage.
  • Amazon is 40% of product search.
  • 80% of product search is in emarketplaces in China, you won’t be successful on China if you are on your own website
  • In marketplaces you might lose control of your brand
  • Chinese 45-60 days of payment delay, to confirm customer that they are happy
  • You can use international schools in the UK to get multinational feedback on your products easily
  • Utilize DIT trade experts, there are very detailed country specific information
  • Brand building vs volume building
  • Build vs borrow, people who use cloud or external solutions do better over time. You are good at one thing and you buy services around it. You should not build your software.
  • Who dominates product search in your category, in target country? If google dominates it, branded website.
  • UK most advanced ecommerce society in the world
  • Opportunity vs complexity , research is the small execution piece, from strategy framework point of view, it is the most important
  • Australia low friction market. Brazil and india problems with customs.
  • China has largely bypassed offline department stores, that is one of the reasons ecommerce is leading retail, almost half of it.
  • Chinese people do not trust their own products in some categories
  • Rich population in Chinese is purchasing import products because they can
  • Chinese customers are the 1st segment online to research food (trust issue)
  • People want local content. Going to China is not a easy move.
  • Customs change frequently. You want to have a single solution.
  • Payment: Wechat and alipay, you need both.

Amazon – Expand in Europe with Pan-European FBA


  • 250 million products in Amazon. 40% percent product search is in Amazon
  • Two ways you can grow a business:
    • Sell more to existing customers
    • Sell to different set of customers, complexity curve.
  • 34m UK amazon monthly unique visitors. 130m all 5 top EU markets.
  • Create a listing in another country. Amazon can handle all the listings to be adapted to other countries, auto translate, price rules etc
  • You only need to fulfill it. 3 services
    • EU fulfillment network, Amazon will deliver to german customer from UK Amazon warehouse
    • MCI: Multi channel inventory, you inbound to germany, fees are same as domestic.
    • Pan european FBA: Best of both worlds. Amazon will move our inventory closer to customers before they order for free. We just need to list products in these countries. VAT is a complexity in this selection. You need to be registered for VAT for each country.
  • Use prime to avoid customer support in different languages as well. Because amazon is handling fulfilment.
  • You can Enable export settings in your account. So US customers can purchase from your UK store etc
  • Promotions, amazon deals, seller university
  • Brexit: We don’t know. But Amazon will continue to invest to make it easier.


Bulldog Skincare – Building and developing a global brand


  • Why am I gonna be different?
  • Focus on values before marketing
  • Internationalizing a brand
  • Start your brand with a story
  • Influencer marketing
  • Do not divide to different country Instagram accounts. Audience will be smaller and it will bring in complexity
  • Think carefully how you are going to launch
  • Market leaders vs money makers

Cyber Security Fundamentals

5 Key things to take away

  • Software Updates
  • Secure passwords
  • 2 step authentication
  • Password managers
  • Backups


Secure Configuration

  • Close accounts which are not used (email, login accounts)
  • Remove software you don’t need
  • Change all default admin passwords to a strong passwords (network switchers, routers etc)
  • Disable auto run features (usb sticks etc)


Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways

  • Needed on office devices
  • Change default pass
  • Prevent your network being exposed to the internet
  • Authentication to access internal services from internet


Access Control

  • Do ot work on admin account day to day
  • Use strong admin pass
  • Do you have a list of (and process for) people in your organisation with admin privileges?
  • No users with same user and pass


Patch Management

  • Correct licenses
  • All software supported (No XP or server 2003)
  • Set to update automatically
  • Receiving security patches


Malware Protection

  • Anti-virus on all computers – Yes, including Mac
  • Set to update itself automatically
  • Set to scan on access
  • Warn you about malicious websites


Use a firewall to secure your Internet connection

  • Protect your internet connection
  • Creates a buffer zone
  • Between your computers and the Internet
  • Twı types of firewall – personal and boundary
  • VPN is very secure on shared wifi connections
  • If you have 2 factor authentication on anything, turn it on


Choose the most secure settings for your devices and software

  • Default configuration can have everything on
  • These settings can also provide cyber attackers with opportunities
  • Check the settings of new software and devices
  • Delete unused apps, remove irrelevant permissions
  • Use passwords
  • Consider using wipe iphone option after 10 wrong passwords (if you don’t have small kids at home)



  • Use password manager: Last pass – you can give people access for a few passwords without telling them the password
  • One password, dashline, last pass
  • Check if your password or email is compromised https://haveibeenpwned.com/


Control who has access to your data and services

  • Minimise the potential damage that could be done if an account is misused or stolen
  • Extra permissions should only be given to those who need them
  • Check what privileges your accounts have
  • Only use software from official sources


You can download the checklist from Cyber Essentials website



Protect yourself from viruses and other malware

  • Windows has defender, mac has Xprotect
  • Make sure you use a web firewall as well
  • Phones tablets laptops computers – keep them updated
  • Both OS and installed apps or software
  • Security updates needs to be installed within 14 days



  • BYOD – Bring your own device
  • MDM – Mobile device management (MDM) is an industry term for the administration of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop computers. MDM is usually implemented with the use of a third party product that has management features for particular vendors of mobile devices.


Cyber Attack Stats

  • 54% of UK companies hit by cyber attack
  • Avg cost of cyber attack 3-36k GBP
  • 96% of companies not confident can protect themselves
  • Most common attacks by fraudulent email, impersonation and ransonware
  • 76% of UK adults don’t know what ransomware is
  • Ransomware 58% of organisations hit paid ransom




5 Key things to take away

  • Software Updates
  • Secure passwords
  • 2 step authentication
  • Password managers
  • Backups

Online selling tips



Amazon PPC is growing massively


BURAK: Look into Pinterest shopping



If a prime user goes on to amazon 1 in 3 they buy something


Feedback and Review crucial


BURAK: Activate Amazon feedback programme





No point in doing ads if you don’t have the buybox


Buybox gets 85% of the sales


Reduce fulfilment costs with FBA Small and Light



Variants are important


XML is more flexible than CSV as it does not get distorted by commas.





2 types of Amazon PPC ads

Automatic ads – after it has been running keywords reveal


BURAK: 13 FEB Amazon seminar Anicca – send email to Ann



Feed optimize – Sync inventory with marketplaces



You can not put in leaflets and such but if the product itself has your brand name on it, you might have your website on there

BURAK: To check.




Success on Amazon

The leading All-in-One software dedicated to helping you succeed on Amazon. Increase organic traffic, automate PPC campaigns, track profits, and much more.




You can convert personal ebay account to corporate account and inherit the stars


You can list the same product under different title to test which one is working better



Ebay acquired Terapeak





85% of the traffic for first year needs to be paid for on your own website


Think websites can be disposable. You can build a completely new website, you can upgrade it.


70% of agency revenue goes to staff wages. It is difficult to find people that know what they are doing.


Users are familiar with very good experience. They expect it from small businesses as well.


Used modules



Privacy & Cookie Policy Generator – for Websites and Apps | iubenda








Your product page needs to be very good if you are utilizing Google shopping ads. They land on product pages.

Growing ecommerce

Affiliate – underused, easy to set up

CSE – Comparison shopping engines.

Amazon and Ebay ads. Amazon ads doubled last year. 3rd biggest advertiser after FB and G

Feed optimizer

Change history of the google ads account – you can see how often they work on the account



9% conversion is very good.


BURAK NOTE – Create videos for all of the products for SEO


Find out what you are competing against


Write content on the website on blog, use social for distributing

It is better to invest on the same website


Shopify SEO issue – ahref tags ? Not very good for internationalization


Instagram – working well for now


85% sales go through buy box on amazon


Social commerce – having a FB shop.


Groupon – get potantial customer data




Search bar is very important on way to purchase


Mobile conversion is lower.


Bounce rate 20-30% for B2C, it could be 50% for B2B


Event tracking on google analytics


Majority of ecommerce will get traffic from shopping ads. 70-80% traffic come from shopping ads.


Increase engagement –


Optimize product pages – promotionals, related products. Bring some homepage elements to the product page.


Trust signals, newsletter rewards, alternative products, engagement can be very low,


You can do much about CPCs. But you can optimize your website to increase conversion.


Increase avg. order value – you can pay for ads if you are able to increase. ROAS – you want it to be more than 5. Branded vs non-branded. Separate campaign for brand and non-brand phrases.


Buy 1 get 1 free, bundling,


Increase frequency – email, remarketing, ASOS payday sales.




56% of all retail sales in EU goes through amazon now


Search and direct.




20% discount CSS partners



Text ads – Ad extensions


Review stars in google shopping ads


Local citation – yelp, local directories. Name and website needs to be matched. NAP






Focus on keywords that can deliver sales –


Magento sites inherently have seo problems


WordPress is much more SEO friendly


Landing pages, for different topics


Themes and topics,


SEO monitor – SEM rush – visibility score. Keywords are easy or hard.


Content marketing – right content – cherry picking the quick wins – easiest phrases


Domain authority – getting links. Quality of the links, age of the domain. Mentions on social.


Pagespeed – prioritize first meaningful print,


Deep crawl, moz,


You need to create lots of content to get the popular one. 1 in 300 content fly.


PR is good to get high quality links


Pagination tags, cannonical tags, ahref tags,


Rich snippets


You can put programmatic video ads on Sky at 3000 GBP. You still need to produce a video at anyway. Which can be expensive.




Target parents, segments.


Facebook CPC instead of CPM


CPA – CPC – CPM last resort


Conversion rate – 9% very good.




Less efficient as you spend more budget

You need to big higher to get more traffic


Shopping ads – price very important.


Entrance products – lure customers in the website. They will buy something else.


G ads – good with number

FB ads – some level of creativity


Bidding on your brand – 1- Advantage of controlling the ad. 2- Getting high CTR throughout the account improves the quality score


For b2b – you can get rid of mobile traffic


Optimize what is not working.


Facebook and Google ads – can be helping the conversion. Do not risk testing in busy season. Test in normal season. Trust more in GA than FB.




You can use Demographic targeting as well


Google shopping – VAT inclusive price. Product feed – keep feeds up to date.


Shopping ads – ad groups – certain products .


Title of the products – mainly google matches this when they are searching for this


Use dynamic text ads as a fishing net that catches things that have been missed


Bing – conversion rates are better.


Search partners network – AOL – virgin . Enhanced by google


CTR is a bit lower but converts well.


1 shopping with everything in it – does not recommend that.


Category names –


1 campaign – type of product and manufacturer. Can create Single product ad groups.


Quality score: Key phrase – ad matching – landing page matching – CTR


Google Shopping ads international – feed , product title and landing must be in that language


Feed optimize, shoptimize




FB and G dynamic remarketing –


RLSA Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)


FB and G is there to make FB and G money, not you. Default settings are not good.


Content filtering. Google display – might be waste of time.


FB lookalike audiences


Amazon ads – you can use when you have the buy box


CPC + amazon share. New product, new brand.




You might not want to target first 30 days to affiliate visitors because you will be paying affiliate + CPC ad cost


Check if the sales is actual before paying commission


AWIN – expense.


Start with a low cost, but biggest you can afford. Preferably with less joining fee.




Transactional emails – opportunity for up / cross sell

When customer orders, it is a legal requirement to send a thank you, confirmation email. Lets make it interesting.


Be careful about abandon cart coupons – it can be abused.


It needs to come from a person, instead of sales.


Personalization. Cleaning data.


Mobile optimization. Can be opened more than once.


Email markups – auto completes.


Subject line + who it is coming from.


Split testing. Remarket to people that open emails.


Email popup on exit intent. Not on the start.


Include newsletter signup to product detail page


GDPR – distance selling regulations – DMA code of practice – directive on privacy and electronic communications – return politicies etc




Advanced ecommerce integration


If you have multiple payment gateways, it could be underreporting


Paypal, https://www.sagepay.co.uk/ , world pay.


Search console – link to GA


G Tag manager




Big Tel number on the right handside – good trust signal


Dynamic tel numbers. So you can track them.


Don’t give people too much choice. They might not be able to decide.


Activate Search in GA




Privacy and returns

Guarantees, tel no address, company info


Metapack, – logistics lin


CO Data link – finance link


Dont work with channel advisor



Paid Social Advertising


What is paid social advertising?


If you think your fans will see your content, you are wrong.


Organic social only drives 3-4% of the web traffic (15.000 business research)


Facebook limited again the organic reach of business posts:


Facebook overhauls News Feed to promote ‘more meaningful’ posts from family and friends – raising questions for businesses



UK is 3rd in ecommerce spending in the world (compared to 5th in GDP economy standing)

Half of the spending is paid search (google ads mostly)

Social spend is 20%

Digital advertising is half of all UK advertising (consider TV, newspaper all that)


If your content is working well organically, you can try using it in the ads. Because it is relevant and engaging for the audience (BURAK: But it might not bring in the conversions necessarily)


Ad fatigue:

Facebook ads can have ad fatigue if shown in high frequency (eg: 10). Because you are showing them to the same audience. You can rotate ads for the same audience.

Google does not have this as much because there is always a new customer proactively searching for your product every day. It is a dynamic audience so you can use same ad.


Ad optimization:

Do more of what works. Do less of what does not work.


Champion and challenger ad:

Invest in your best performing ad but try to experiment with new things with challenger ads to see if it resonates better with the audience.


When you have small budget, it is good to focus on leads and conversion rather than awareness, reach and engagement.


Dynamic Product and Remarketing Ads

is the most important for ecommerce.

(BURAK: We are already doing remarketing ads but need to look into just product ads to acquire extra customers)

For ecommerce:  Website conversion ads and Dynamic Product ads


You need to have a high converting website to afford cost per click to do feasible advertising.


Linkedin cost per clicks are around 5 GBP

Linkedin inmails are about 40p – which can be more sensible compared to click


Social media generally assists the sale,

not usually starting and finishing the sale all inside social.


Facebook performs better in conversion leads rather than clicks. But you need to set the conversion up correctly.


Minimum budget per month should be 500 GBP.


Lead Generating Ads

List of benefits, why I should give out my information?

Explain why and what they are going to get exactly.

You can include your GDPR policy in the terms.

You can also test making people fill the form in your website, compared to lead generating ads


Sequential Ads

Show different ads to website visitors, cart visitors etc to move them further in the conversion funnel.


User returning to the website through social remarketing ads can convert up to 3x better


Honeypot – cross channel technique

Get people interested with facebook ads. Make them visit your website

Tag them

ReTarget them and adjust bids on Google


Quality of the image – social ads. Especially on Instagram


Pinterest over 40,

Instagram less than 40


Instagram works well with the younger audience.



Ad options starting to look similar to FB

5 GBP per click – highest

Good way is to grow organically via contacts on Linkedin



Transient platform

Good for targeting TV programmes, as they might be using TW at the same time.

Around 50p click mark

We tend to do last.

Check competitors if they are utilizing it.


Agencies 500-700 GBP per day for their services



You can focus on 2-3 themes

You can play around with different formats to see which one is performing better

If you have lots of options, it might be difficult to see which one is performing better and by


You need to spend enough money on different campaigns to see if it is working

Make sure you have all the content, images, photography in advance


Do not use boost post button. It is not targeted.



Marketplace eCommerce Retailer Interest Form





You can do separate campaign for grandparents – they tend to spend more on grandkids.


Custom audience – interacted with previous ads


You can target according to – kids aged – having an iphone


For consumer goods audience could be between 500k- 1 million

For b2b it can be several 10k


Narrower the audience, expensive to get same amount of clicks. Cost per click goes up.


Edit placements – you can turn off audience network.


Instagram is a bit more expensive than FB


When you are charged – not impression – but for CPC


Bid options – automatic works better than manual

But on google you also need manual

Google Tag Manager – Easier and faster


GDPR and Cookie Policy


Facebook audience network – can get cheap clicks but might be accidental clicks.


Thumb stopping moment

You might need a text on the visual of a social media post / ad. So people can understand what it is about in 1 sec.


Psychology of the marketing

People follow the eyes of the model in the visual

(BURAK: some more examples on psychology of marketing:


https://www.smartinsights.com/marketing-planning/marketing-strategy/12-ways-can-use-psychology-marketing/ )




AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The way you grab attention is with your headline. … Once you build up the desire, you are ready for the last part of AIDA, which is the call to action for those people to buy whatever it is you are trying to sell to them.



Before – Describe the current state of existence

After – Illustrate how glorious the future could be

Bridge – How you can help the customer get there

Best for:

Blogs, social media, email marketing, landing pages


FAB – features advantages benefits

FAB stands for Features, Advantages, and Benefits. A FAB Statement is explaining the feature, what it does (the advantage), and how that benefits the prospective client. Features are one of the easier things to identify. … It connects the facts about your product to a solution for your client.


4Us, useful urgent unique ultra specific

Google search


Relevancy score
If it is less than 5, you should be improving the content


Generally FB does not like 3rd party tools of adespresso and hootsuite (for paid advertising)



You can use IN pixel and get B2B data – which companies are visiting your website?

Inmail – cheapest thing you can do in linkedin

Companion ad – it is free with inmail. If you do not use it, someone else’s ad will show


Digi-Publish notes





Multi-channel campaigns


Branded content = Brand building tool

Trying to achieve brand uplift.

Video views are fine but what is the result of these video views? Did it resulted in improved brand perception?


Youtube is the home of longer videos. Use Instagram and stories to build around this primary content in YT.





Digital advertising is 52% of all UK advertising now.








Steady, consistent ability to build the relationship with customers that drives brand awareness and it can lead to an ongoing relationship.


Distress purchase

A purchase made out of necessity, rather than for pleasure.


Visibility is key

Make the customer feel comfortable

Remember time is of the essence

Have helpful, insightful content available

Never take advantage

Get ahead of the ‘event’



(BURAK: Last minute book present purchases?)





There needs to be a balance between branded  and non-branded content. People are there for the editorial content but you can mold commercial content with storytelling to make it through the filters of the viewers.


It is possible to apply some of the old publishing hacks into digital.


Prepare content for mobile first, social first.


Snackable content around 60 seconds that can be consumed in different times of the day.


There is a number of KPIs that you can utilize through content marketing, you might not be aware of.


Headline changes everything. You can use title / headline to make an emotional connection with the viewer / customer.


On online, you always have data. You can let the numbers do the talking.





  • Leonardo Da Vinci


We get bombarded by ads. There is a need to cut through that noise.


Only thing you can do this is : quality and interest. Brands that people are loyal to.


Consumers can access content everywhere, on a device that want. They also want privacy, they do not want to be creeped at.


Marketers have advanced tools to target customers, they have access to vast amount of data.


Visually creative way of telling stories is also important.


Viewers should want to become part of these stories.


You should have a tone of voice and stick to it.


Do not just curate, create.


Prioritize content, feature it more according to data.


Utilize heatmaps to measure how effective the content is.


You need open mindedness. You need science but you also need art. You need spark of genius.


Authenticity. Authentic to your brand values.


Get teams and people together to break barriers from artists and scientists.





Word of mouth


We prefer friendship to customers.


You can not rush friendship, you cannot buy friendship. It needs to be nurtured, organically.


Someone that you spend time with is not friend. Friends are:


You can revisit your old content.  It doesn’t need to be corrected. You can amplify it with the new tools.


Ask for customer feedback.


Customers can spot the good stuff. They can know better than you.


User led content – get ideas from viewers and then produce content. It is loved instantly, because the viewers created the demand for it. It is their idea.


Service before self.





Change is hard.


You have to invest.


No one actually likes to change. You just like the concept of change.


Do not think change is something that can happen in 6 months and everyone has new behaviours? No.


You have the plans, requirements at first. But not everything goes to plan.


Then you have cracks and problems.


When you start to change, everyone will complain about their problems.

(Burak: Assuming the change will be the solution to all their problems.)


Scope is really important. You can end with dead ends. You need to know what you need to achieve. You need to have a roadmap. You need to stick to that plan.


When you are building a business case, you need deadlines and solid outputs to get funding.

You can’t just keep iterating forever. You need to know where you are going.


You can not do change with an existing team. They have different objectives and different timeframes. They are doing a certain operation to meet 2-3 months results. You can not make them focus on 3 years ahead.


There needs to be a designated change team. People know this is the change team or advocates.


Tell everyone. BCG – Boston Consulting Group says that you need to communicate things 3 times for people to understand it and remember it. You need to communicate it 9 times if it is a period of change. The reality is you need to talk about it, even if you think you have said. Over and over again.


If you don’t tell everyone, at some point people come out of the woodwork. You need to speak to everyone and dig it. If you missed even a small thing, you can not go live. Keep communication.


Try to look at what people can do. Get small wins. Keep morale high. Celebrate the small wins. We like to feel we have done a good job. If we don’t celebrate small wins, we might lose the goodwill of the team. We need all the stakeholders to help.


Momentum might start to slow at some point. You might need to do hard conversations with people. You would come up at cross roads. It is so easy to go off track. Stick to the long term.


You might eventually hit a crisis point. Hit pause, do not hit quit. You have the counter: Time is running out, money is running out. Go back to basics. Question everything. Discuss what you are trying to do in the first place. Go back to what you started with and what you are trying to come to.


You can revert back to manual anytime. It takes pressure out of everyone. Process the manual CSV for a couple of months.


You can’t always get all the bells and whistles. If you get the “thing”, it is enough.


Question: How to motivate the team?

Find the pain point. Choose the individual context for each person. Paint the picture, how it is painful now and show how it is going to better in every granular detail. Be realistic. Take people through. Mitigating, contingencies. Making people comfortable during the change.





3 main changes affecting the industry

Type of content


1- Original content demand.

400 million users in rural India, they are not ready for original content


2- Change in Format

People time poor now.

A film in 5 years time will be in whatsapp. A high quality production in 5 minutes.


3- Vernacular Content

Localizing content. Providing content for different languages spoken around the world. AI will help on this.


Future of advertising: Make advertising fun through game, people don’t want to be sold at.


Targeting people can be a challenge, could be interesting. GDPR, Block Chain.


Network and programmatic has seen a big rise.


Personalized advertising can bring in engagement with permission. When you get people’s trust.


Native advertising is the future but there is a bit of confusion what native advertising is.


Influencers, not regulated. Provides potential.


Digi-Strategy notes

How Can Artificial Intelligence Accelerate Audience Influence & Engagement

Roy Ionas – CEO and Founder, LeadSpotting



Innovation goes both ways. Top down and bottom to up.


You are trying to solve problems for your customers. Give them tools to customers and employees doing the actual work to provide suggestions.


Put customer first – like Amazon.


What value are you providing to your customers? What problems are you solving?


Gather information: To make sure that what you are doing that will solve a problem. Small trends and behaviours can mean something too. You can do mini experiments and scale them up if they work.


Small scale experiments. They don’t need to cost any budget. Get people talking about it (internally) You don’t have to involve lots of people, too.

These doesn’t have to be scientific. It just needs to give tips and hints.


Take the fear out of change and innovation.


Do you have a testing, experimental or innovation budget?




Metrics are everything. If you can not measure it, you should not be doing it.


Time spent on site is not the only metric for Facebook. They focus on meaningful time spent. (Burak note: Facebook  limit newsfeed content that is shown in each session.)


Your organisation needs to have a mindset about metrics.

(Burak: It needs to become the part of company culture. Decisions needs to be data driven compared to gut-feeling most of the time)


Good ideas can come from anywhere.

Innovation should not be done by the same team/person. Get people together for 1 day and see what kinds of ideas can come out of it (Burak: All inclusive 1 day innovation workshop for B2D and SCP?)


How to tackle culture:

You need to be open to anyone and any idea. Employees should not be afraid to suggest stupid ideas. Also make sure people needs to get credit for their ideas.


Utilize data and innovation champions in the organisation to spark ideas and engage employees.


Subconscious bias.

You need to represent customer base in decision making process.


AI in digital strategy.

Machine learning.

User engagement with the content. Recommendations.

Do you really need AI or machine learning?


New technologies?

Voice control. 50% of search will be voice in 2020.

How do we adapt to continue engage with these customers.

Voice – younger demographics.

Attribution – Google Amazon Apple, voice interaction.

You are not typing in and getting 10 results. On voice 90% will be the one choice.

AR – Augmented reality. Interacting digital with real world.  A bit over-hyped.

Make it useful not just for the sake of tech.

You can get anything as a service.

(Burak: Year of books: One book delivery per month )

Try to deliver change not in the country that you are in the world.


Most interesting things are not published. Events.


Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems.


Gaurav Bhatnagar



Thinking customer first in a time of disruption


Customer behaviour is changing constantly.

How customers are evolving?

Price, value, post purchase, experience, relevancy

Huge load of expectations.

I want it now. I don’t want to wait for 10 minutes on the phone.

Maintain customer trust in the long term.

Be authentic.

Netflix – learns from customer experiences, producing own content accordingly.

Monzo –

1- Focus on customers: Abstract customer needs, as simple as possible.

2- Move quickly to harness capabilities in the market

Cost of acquisition vs cost of retention

Cost of providing alternatives is coming down


Levers to accelerate impact.

1- Ability to gather lots of data

2- Machine learning


1- Customer first. Make it the guiding force in every place of your business.

It is not responding or reacting to every piece of feedback you get. Think long term.

You need to know how to de-prioritize.


2- Ask right questions in leadership level.

Focus on a problem customer is trying to solve.


3- Integrate deeply in the core business.


4- Execute, set up the right ways of working

Before evaluating, is it executed properly?


5- Refine your strategy

Make data and analysis accessible to the team

Manage data risk. Manage permissions.


6- Obsess about talent

Skill up your employees. Analytical skill.


7- Organise for skill

Think about what skillsets you are putting together.






Quality over quantity.

Snackable content

The New York Times bestseller, Contagious: Why Things Catch On.

People are not viewing your content isolated. They have a life going on.


Consider these when creating content:

Narrative, triggers, emotion, social currency


Allegro English ad – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO6AUFdgcgU



Action for children – https://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/


Market research

Design fast – 5 days – from problem to solution

Do something in front of the people quickly. You don’t want to waste time on something is not needed or meaningful


Identifying unmet needs in growth areas

Funding pipeline

Lean product development:

Lean product development is a lean approach to counter the challenges of product development, notably: Lack of innovative solutions Long development cycle times Many redevelopment cycles High development costs Long production cycle times High production costs



Be scrappy and resourceful

Surface ideas

Think outside in not inside out

If it exists, use it – you do not need to custom build almost anything in terms of software

Start small




There are key points in omnichannel customer journey that you “have” to nail

Other touchpoints in the customer journey are there to make the whole thing better but not necessarily a show stopper


Technology Adoption

How can be bring technology quickly into the business and not be afraid of it

It is almost growth hacking

What if we fail? It is OK. We learn.

How can we reach excellence from average. We can do that through technology.


Audience segmentation

Different customers have different needs. You need to recognize this process.


Who knows, what? What are they assuming internally?


Who are your core customers?


Customer centricity. Design campaigns and structure business around that.


How to overcame challenges of implementing customer centric digital strategy internally:


1- Data. Structure. Right data flow. If not, it falls down.

Understand data sources. Is a legacy data set holding you back?


2- Company was one person at one time. And it was set up to serve a customer. To serve efficiently as possible. Through time, you add capacity. It is like a lego tower. This simple artifact is often ignored.


People making the thing needs direct contact people getting the thing (developer – customer)

(Burak: Feeding customer feedback summary back to the team)


Ultimately you are serving the customers outside. But you have customers inside that can make better products / campaigns for the customers outside.


Co-creation: How to best align.


American Express lab: Internal teams tried to pitch projects to customers.

(Burak: Customer does understand. Customer does know. You need to know how to ask.)


Digital Strategy – Young

Diversity. How can we use technology effectively to reach these people.

Get as close to the customer as possible

Buy – ready to use software, just need to configure

Partner – white label software

Build – agile devops

Robotic process automation – you can adapt to legacy platforms with this


Content Marketing

You can use fragments to move users to a place in that same post. Similar to an outline.

Get the right context and focus on every single post.

Authority, you know what you are talking about. So make sure you reflect this.


It’s all about the content

  • At the end of every link is content
  • There are lots of content type
  • Information
  • Meaning
  • Context
  • Authority
  • Credibility
  • Content that will drive traffic that will convert


Why is content important?

  • Content communicates your message
    • Brand
    • Product
    • Service
    • PR message
  • Builds a community of loyal customers
  • Helps make your brand an authority
  • Get to know your customers better
  • Improve SEO
  • Adds value


Effectiveness: The degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved.


Setting content goals

  • Goals give us something to measure against
  • Clearly defined success criteria
  • Understand how effective we have been
  • Modify goals based on data insights
  • Set new goals once a goal has been met


Content goals statement

  • Increase brand awareness
    • Double the number of social shares within 3 months
  • Drive more traffic to your website or blog
    • Increase the number of unique visits to my blog by 20% within a month
    • Hit 10% returning customers in 12 months
  • Generate sales leads
    • Generate at least 5 new sales leads per product video published
  • Convert more leads into customers
    • Increase conversion rate to 15% on landing pages published in the next 6 months
  • Improve retention and drive upsell
    • Increase revenue from “Customer also bought” feature by 8% over the next 4 weeks


What is content?

  • Company info
  • Sales info
  • Customer service content
  • Event content
  • Employee generated content
  • Marketing content
  • Campaign content
  • Advertising content
  • Customer generated content


Content marketing is a strategic marketing apprıach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.


What is content marketing?

  • Attracting an audience to an experience or destination you own
  • Linked to a marketing objective or business goal
  • Not overtly selling a product or service


  • Make your buyer more intelligent
  • Consistency
  • Value driven
  • Expertise
  • Knowledge
  • Part of the team / club




  • Website content page
    • Clear descriptive heading
    • Short but descriptive summary
    • Section headings
    • Links to other relevant content
    • May have a CTA
  • News article / press release
    • Headline
    • Summary
    • Body content
    • Image
    • Publish date
    • Author
  • Blog
    • Title
    • Summary
    • Body content
    • Images
    • Lists
    • Links
    • Quotes
    • Comments
    • Category
    • Tag
    • Parts
    • Quality over quantity: Generate more quality content with the same amount of time and energy.
    • Analyse, use data, make research, expert opinion
    • Use visual breaks in the blog posts to rest people’s eyes and minds
    • https://buffer.com/resources/
    • Storytelling, enough words
    • Good content, helping people with their problems






  • Social
    • Employees can link business related posts on their personal linkedin
  • Images
    • Format
    • Size
    • Resolution
    • Colour
    • Style / filters
    • Alt text
    • Usage rights
  • Videos
    • Professionally produced
    • Produced on mobile
    • Hosted
      • Youtube
      • Vimeo
    • Embedded
    • Shared
    • Meta info
    • Comments
  • Web forms
    • Gather info
    • Simple
    • Multipart
    • Surveys
    • Questionnaires
    • Dynamic
    • Embedded
    • Secure
    • Autofill
    • Rich controls
    • Make sure it is working
  • Infographics
    • Visual representation of information / data
    • Diagram
    • Chart
    • Dataflows
    • High design values
    • https://www.canva.com/
  • Podcasts
    • Digital audio file
    • Series of episodes
    • Downloadable
    • Subscription
    • Free usually
    • Can be consumed while doing something else (eg while driving)
    • Accessed via apps, itunes, google play
    • Utilize another podcast that has already have a following
  • Whitepapers
    • Heavy weight content
    • Domain expertise
    • Technical knowledge
    • Pretty valuable
    • Designed as a print or pdf
    • Formal language
    • Includes images, charts, figures and stats
    • Sometimes paid for content
    • or require email or other info before download (gather leads)
  • Comments
    • User generated content
    • Moderated and edited
    • Onsite ie blog posts – probably no one will comment on your blog
    • Easier to get comments on social
  • Testimonials
    • Provided by customers
    • Short form – quote
    • Long form – more descriptive
    • Versatile content type
    • Customer trust
    • Credibility


Who creates your content

  • Marketing department
  • Technical experts
  • Products owners / specialists
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Industry experts
  • Not recommended but can be tested, relevant freelancers


Created by your business

  • How regularly will you create content
  • How will you ensure the tone is correct
  • What media items will you need to include
  • Who will check content before it is published (it should not be the author)
  • What extra support do non-marketing team members require
  • What feedback will provide
  • You can record meetings or internal talks and transcribe them into blog posts


Created by others

  • What value does their content bring
  • How can you make sure it fits your guidelines
    • Provide guidelines
    • Edit once submitted
    • Does it even matter?
  • What about deadlines?
  • Can you offer to create content for them?


Ingredients of effective content (for humans)

  • Information
  • Attraction
    • Being different
  • Engagement
    • Being funny is a way of doing it
  • Strong message
  • Memorable
  • Be developed with an audience in mind
  • Consistent


Ingredients of effective content (for search engines)

  • Well written, natural content (like humans like to read)
  • Semantically well formed
  • Descriptive content
  • Inbound links
  • Good use of images (don’t forget alt tags here)
  • Design
  • Well UX really
  • Bounce rates are a good indication of the quality of your user experience
  • SEO for beginners by Moz



  • Understanding who you are developing content for is very important
  • Style
  • Tone
  • Language
  • Attention span
  • Level on knowledge
  • Propensity to share
  • Appetite


Content Marketing Infographics





Why Design Matters?

  • Good design sells
  • Strong consumer trust
  • Perception of your product or service
  • User-friendly content
  • Good first impression
  • Sets you apart from competitors
  • Consistency  = quality
  • People get attracted to design.
    • But they do get attracted to different things, different designs
  • Motivate people to take action
  • Design is more than how it looks, it is how it works, too. (User experience)


Designing effective web content

  • Ensure your html is correctly formed
  • Ensure all relevant tags and attributes are included
    • Meta tags
    • Image alt tags
  • Clearly defined section headings
  • Short concise paragraphs
  • Responsive content
  • Whitespace is important
  • Lightweight
    • Performance
    • Device
    • Connections
  • Consistency




  • Usually a standalone web page
  • Communicates a single message
    • A promotion
    • A product launch
    • A whitepaper download
    • A newsletter signup


Before you start for the landing page

  • What is the goal
    • Buy something
    • Fill out a contact form
    • Signup for a newsletter
    • Define the conversion
  • Who is my audience
    • Who are you hoping to attract and convert?
    • We’ll do more on personas later
  • How did they get to my landing page?


Anatomy of a landing page

  • clean , uncluttered and short is key
  • Impeccable grammar – you can’t afford to lose trust due to a silly mistake
  • High quality content
  • Single idea
  • Testimonials are great – trust indicator
  • Buttons and CTAs should stand out – make it really easy to convert
  • Make sure the design is really good – you only have a moment to impress
  • Limit your links – do not distract users
  • Use images and videos that relate to the copy – strong imagery
  • Shorter to conversion, the better


What is the call to action (CTA)

  • CTA is an element on a webpage that invites a user to commit an aciton
  • CTA is a priority item on a page
  • Every page ideally have a single CTA


Content strategy steps

  • Define customer personas
  • Create a keyword list
  • Identify which types of content you are going to create
  • Develop an attractive personality and style
  • Determine a frequency problem
  • Decide how you are going to promote your content


What is a persona

  • Represent a major user group for your website
  • Express and focus on the major needs and expectations of each user group
  • Give a clear picture of the user’s expectations
  • Describe how users are likely to use your site
  • Help to uncover universal features and functionality
  • Describe real people with backgrounds, goals and values


How to create a persona

  • Describe the user
    • Age,gender
    • Highest level of education / expertise
  • Profession
    • Professional background
  • Motivation
    • What is your person motivated by?
    • What are they looking for?
    • What is your person looking to do?
    • What are their needs?


Keyword Research


Choosing Content Types

  • What content do your customers currently engage with
  • What are they asking for – do you get asked the same questions a lot
  • What do your competitors do
  • Do you have the skills
  • Does the content type fit with your overall goals
  • Can you calculate a ROI
  • What tools are out there that I can use


Personality and style

  • Conversational
  • Formal
  • Technical
  • Funny


  • B2B
  • Consumer
  • Adult
  • Teen
  • Children


  • High design values
  • Quick and dirty


Content Promotion

  • What channels are you going to target
  • How will you promote?
    • Organic SEO
    • Social shares
    • Paid advertising
  • Are there specific channels for different content types
  • How can you use your community
  • Promotion calendar / schedule


Sharing your content

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Direct email (B2B)
  • Industry websites / publications
  • 3rd party websites



  • What time is best
  • What platforms are best
  • Cumulative campaigns
  • Re-scheduling


Social media scheduling tools

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout social
  • Viralheat
  • Socialoomph
  • Tweetdeck
  • Sprinklr
  • Watch out: Algorithms are demoting content posted by these tools


Testing your content

  • Content goals statement
  • Measuring success
  • Improving our content
  • Repeating what works
  • Stop doing what doesn’t work
  • Our Facebook page appears busier
    • Instead, double the number of shares in 3 months
  • Data is key


A/B Testing

  • Also known as split testing
  • Compare 2 versions of a web page
  • Discover which performs better
  • Experiment with 2 or more variants
  • Variants shown at random to users
  • Statistical analysis
  • Results based on predefined goals


Issues with A/B Testing

  • Usually tests small variations
  • Small changes often regress back to the mean
    • Small changes = small results


Google Optimize