Digital Conference 2.0 notes

Google – Growing Digitally in the digital age

Google Market Finder


Digital in 2018 in the United Kingdom


DIT Exporting Event, 6th Feb, Google & Push Slides


Push Group – Growing your business internationally and how to beat the competition


UK digital advertising spending is very high than some EU countries combined

So agencies in the UK have a competitive advantage over EU agencies


Data is the new oil


There is no digital strategy anymore, just strategy in a digital world.


Tips in Google ads:

  • Structure, do not use single campaign. Spread out in different and specialized campaigns and ad groups
  • Use Semrush to see keywords that competitors are using
  • Scripts can identify keywords not in your account
  • Shopping feed and its structure effects eCommerce campaigns significantly
  • Native advertising, article based advertising
  • Emotive ad copy is out performing functional benefits


Facebook tips

  • Do not go for lowest cost. Have your conversion data and optimize to it.


Website tips

iProspect – An audience centric approach to international growth


  • 4,2 million people are on the internet
  • Hard launch vs soft launch.
    • Soft launch, open the website and wait for someone to come, not actively bringing people in, focus on satisfying existing demand to your WS
    • Hard launch, actively generate interest, get more traffic
  • Growth is never exponential, peak of inflated expectations, plateau of productivity
    • Avoid waste and beat the curve with an audience centric strategy
  • Data is the new currency of business
    • But you might not have data in a new market
    • Zoom in who your best customers are
    • Demographics, mindset, behaviours, triggers, prosperity
  • Global web index, Google tools, facebook audiences,
  • Tone of voice, USPs (unique selling proposition), images, placement
  • Adaptability is key, interpret and optimize audience performance singlas and online behaviour in their local context.


Sum up

  • Data first audience strategy, best attainable audience
  • Offer them personalized marketing experience
  • Adapt and learn quickly


Channeladvisor – Creating your digital export road map


  • Amazon ads is fastest growing business unit
  • Customer journeys are not linear anymore
  • Consumers hop between different emarketplaces, search engines and social networks
  • Reaching large amount of customers has never been easier but reaching the correct audience is very difficult
  • It all starts with correct and comprehensive product data, (multiple sites etc)
  • Where your target audience chooses to transact
  • Deliver delight, how do you deliver on the promise, product quality, logistics, think about overall customer experience
  • 86% of customers still prefer free delivery over fast delivery


Avenue 51 – Global business and e-commerce and breaking into China


  • Niche markets, 3 legged dogs
  • You can rent everything, accounting software, people
  • Gatekeepers disappeared, approve your book, music industry
  • Fast prototyping
  • 20. century was about suppliers
  • 21. century millions of suppliers, 21. century is about markets
  • Findability . Where you make your products available for purchase.
  • Google rewards brand, high quality branded content. Whereas marketplaces tend not to.
  • Before you do anything with marketplaces, first build a strong brand. Good website with good amount of content. What is it that you stand for. Why they should buy from you?
  • Scalability. Being able to fulfill to lots of people. Marketplace has significant advantage.
  • Amazon is 40% of product search.
  • 80% of product search is in emarketplaces in China, you won’t be successful on China if you are on your own website
  • In marketplaces you might lose control of your brand
  • Chinese 45-60 days of payment delay, to confirm customer that they are happy
  • You can use international schools in the UK to get multinational feedback on your products easily
  • Utilize DIT trade experts, there are very detailed country specific information
  • Brand building vs volume building
  • Build vs borrow, people who use cloud or external solutions do better over time. You are good at one thing and you buy services around it. You should not build your software.
  • Who dominates product search in your category, in target country? If google dominates it, branded website.
  • UK most advanced ecommerce society in the world
  • Opportunity vs complexity , research is the small execution piece, from strategy framework point of view, it is the most important
  • Australia low friction market. Brazil and india problems with customs.
  • China has largely bypassed offline department stores, that is one of the reasons ecommerce is leading retail, almost half of it.
  • Chinese people do not trust their own products in some categories
  • Rich population in Chinese is purchasing import products because they can
  • Chinese customers are the 1st segment online to research food (trust issue)
  • People want local content. Going to China is not a easy move.
  • Customs change frequently. You want to have a single solution.
  • Payment: Wechat and alipay, you need both.

Amazon – Expand in Europe with Pan-European FBA


  • 250 million products in Amazon. 40% percent product search is in Amazon
  • Two ways you can grow a business:
    • Sell more to existing customers
    • Sell to different set of customers, complexity curve.
  • 34m UK amazon monthly unique visitors. 130m all 5 top EU markets.
  • Create a listing in another country. Amazon can handle all the listings to be adapted to other countries, auto translate, price rules etc
  • You only need to fulfill it. 3 services
    • EU fulfillment network, Amazon will deliver to german customer from UK Amazon warehouse
    • MCI: Multi channel inventory, you inbound to germany, fees are same as domestic.
    • Pan european FBA: Best of both worlds. Amazon will move our inventory closer to customers before they order for free. We just need to list products in these countries. VAT is a complexity in this selection. You need to be registered for VAT for each country.
  • Use prime to avoid customer support in different languages as well. Because amazon is handling fulfilment.
  • You can Enable export settings in your account. So US customers can purchase from your UK store etc
  • Promotions, amazon deals, seller university
  • Brexit: We don’t know. But Amazon will continue to invest to make it easier.


Bulldog Skincare – Building and developing a global brand


  • Why am I gonna be different?
  • Focus on values before marketing
  • Internationalizing a brand
  • Start your brand with a story
  • Influencer marketing
  • Do not divide to different country Instagram accounts. Audience will be smaller and it will bring in complexity
  • Think carefully how you are going to launch
  • Market leaders vs money makers