Google Buzz = Lame Wave + Failed OpenSocial

Google is trying hard to keep up with all this social media thingies though it is hard to say that they succeeded. I though that OpenSocial was a bold move but things didn’t work as Google expected, at least in Turkey. Facebook is the hype through Turkish network, housing over 18 million users ranging from kids liking your childhood toys or old uncles posting whatever the absurd photo they can get hands on.

Then Google beta launched Wave, which, undoubtedly gathered attention. Few invited jumped in, experimented and saw only quicker email that can embed photos or videos. Not much of a deal to whom already uses some kind of collaboration software (Google Docs, Basecamp etc) They are still keeping it in beta so that noone actually uses it right now and the only wave users can do is mexican wave between couple of beta testers.

Instead of directly implementing Wave into Gmail, Google chose to copycat Twitter by this ‘Buzz move’. I really hate to foresee a Google product fail as I am a fanatic Google lover (Don’t be evil!). I really try to use everything that Google does from dozens of Gmails, APIs, Docs, Reader, Analytics, custom search whatsoever. Google Nexus sold 80 times less than iPhone 3GS in its first week, to be a bad benchmark example despite all the ‘buzz’.

Hoping that time will prove me wrong, Buzz won’t be groundbreaking success and dissolve around almost perfect K.I.S.S. practicer Twitter and Facebook / Friendfeed brothers.