Growing ecommerce

Affiliate – underused, easy to set up

CSE – Comparison shopping engines.

Amazon and Ebay ads. Amazon ads doubled last year. 3rd biggest advertiser after FB and G

Feed optimizer

Change history of the google ads account – you can see how often they work on the account



9% conversion is very good.


BURAK NOTE – Create videos for all of the products for SEO


Find out what you are competing against


Write content on the website on blog, use social for distributing

It is better to invest on the same website


Shopify SEO issue – ahref tags ? Not very good for internationalization


Instagram – working well for now


85% sales go through buy box on amazon


Social commerce – having a FB shop.


Groupon – get potantial customer data




Search bar is very important on way to purchase


Mobile conversion is lower.


Bounce rate 20-30% for B2C, it could be 50% for B2B


Event tracking on google analytics


Majority of ecommerce will get traffic from shopping ads. 70-80% traffic come from shopping ads.


Increase engagement –


Optimize product pages – promotionals, related products. Bring some homepage elements to the product page.


Trust signals, newsletter rewards, alternative products, engagement can be very low,


You can do much about CPCs. But you can optimize your website to increase conversion.


Increase avg. order value – you can pay for ads if you are able to increase. ROAS – you want it to be more than 5. Branded vs non-branded. Separate campaign for brand and non-brand phrases.


Buy 1 get 1 free, bundling,


Increase frequency – email, remarketing, ASOS payday sales.




56% of all retail sales in EU goes through amazon now


Search and direct.




20% discount CSS partners


Text ads – Ad extensions


Review stars in google shopping ads


Local citation – yelp, local directories. Name and website needs to be matched. NAP






Focus on keywords that can deliver sales –


Magento sites inherently have seo problems


WordPress is much more SEO friendly


Landing pages, for different topics


Themes and topics,


SEO monitor – SEM rush – visibility score. Keywords are easy or hard.


Content marketing – right content – cherry picking the quick wins – easiest phrases


Domain authority – getting links. Quality of the links, age of the domain. Mentions on social.


Pagespeed – prioritize first meaningful print,


Deep crawl, moz,


You need to create lots of content to get the popular one. 1 in 300 content fly.


PR is good to get high quality links


Pagination tags, cannonical tags, ahref tags,


Rich snippets


You can put programmatic video ads on Sky at 3000 GBP. You still need to produce a video at anyway. Which can be expensive.




Target parents, segments.


Facebook CPC instead of CPM


CPA – CPC – CPM last resort


Conversion rate – 9% very good.




Less efficient as you spend more budget

You need to big higher to get more traffic


Shopping ads – price very important.


Entrance products – lure customers in the website. They will buy something else.


G ads – good with number

FB ads – some level of creativity


Bidding on your brand – 1- Advantage of controlling the ad. 2- Getting high CTR throughout the account improves the quality score


For b2b – you can get rid of mobile traffic


Optimize what is not working.


Facebook and Google ads – can be helping the conversion. Do not risk testing in busy season. Test in normal season. Trust more in GA than FB.




You can use Demographic targeting as well


Google shopping – VAT inclusive price. Product feed – keep feeds up to date.


Shopping ads – ad groups – certain products .


Title of the products – mainly google matches this when they are searching for this


Use dynamic text ads as a fishing net that catches things that have been missed


Bing – conversion rates are better.


Search partners network – AOL – virgin . Enhanced by google


CTR is a bit lower but converts well.


1 shopping with everything in it – does not recommend that.


Category names –


1 campaign – type of product and manufacturer. Can create Single product ad groups.


Quality score: Key phrase – ad matching – landing page matching – CTR


Google Shopping ads international – feed , product title and landing must be in that language


Feed optimize, shoptimize


FB and G dynamic remarketing –


RLSA Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)


FB and G is there to make FB and G money, not you. Default settings are not good.


Content filtering. Google display – might be waste of time.


FB lookalike audiences


Amazon ads – you can use when you have the buy box


CPC + amazon share. New product, new brand.




You might not want to target first 30 days to affiliate visitors because you will be paying affiliate + CPC ad cost


Check if the sales is actual before paying commission


AWIN – expense.


Start with a low cost, but biggest you can afford. Preferably with less joining fee.




Transactional emails – opportunity for up / cross sell

When customer orders, it is a legal requirement to send a thank you, confirmation email. Lets make it interesting.


Be careful about abandon cart coupons – it can be abused.


It needs to come from a person, instead of sales.


Personalization. Cleaning data.


Mobile optimization. Can be opened more than once.


Email markups – auto completes.


Subject line + who it is coming from.


Split testing. Remarket to people that open emails.


Email popup on exit intent. Not on the start.


Include newsletter signup to product detail page


GDPR – distance selling regulations – DMA code of practice – directive on privacy and electronic communications – return politicies etc




Advanced ecommerce integration


If you have multiple payment gateways, it could be underreporting


Paypal, , world pay.


Search console – link to GA


G Tag manager




Big Tel number on the right handside – good trust signal


Dynamic tel numbers. So you can track them.


Don’t give people too much choice. They might not be able to decide.


Activate Search in GA




Privacy and returns

Guarantees, tel no address, company info


Metapack, – logistics lin


CO Data link – finance link


Dont work with channel advisor