Intro to Google Analytics

WordPress – MonsterInsights plugin can be used


GA code is better in the head so that more users can be tracked. If at the end, and user closes the tab, it might not track those users. Also GA code loads in the background.


GA Chrome Extension to see what percentage of people click on your links.


Search Console setup – link to Google Analytics


Google Ads data opt-out

You might need to link to this page if you are using remarketing or ads features of GA


Cross Device Tracking

Google Signals


Under GDPR you only can keep user information as long as you need it

You need to be able to explain whether if you need it or not


IP Anonymisation

If you don’t have this code in your code, you might be breaking GDPR


Goals – What you want your visitors to do on your website

Sign Up to an emailing list, add to cart

Without goals, you don’t know how well your website is working

It tells you where the value lies


Google Analytics for Power Users course


Excluding your own visits


Keep in  mind of seasonality


User details


Demographics overview




New visitors is almost certain that is over reported

Because people might have cleared cache, moved to different devices etc


See your Facebook Ads cost & ROI in Google Analytics reports


Social Plug-ins

You can track social shares on your websites but you need to add a bit of code

Or use integrated services like add this


URL UTM Tracking


Event tracking

(email address clicks, downloads etc)

Live chats need to fire events as well

Monster Insights can track events as well


Advanced Filters

Bounce rates more than 60%

Sessions more than 100

Priority pages to be optimised