Linkedin Learning


Broad and deep learning

With LinkedIn Learning, you can provide over 9,000 business, technology and creative skills development courses designed for in-depth instruction and just-in-time microlearning.

Fresh content—always

Quick to market with new tutorials, we cover the latest trends, emerging technologies and most recent software releases, and publish on average 25 new courses each week.

Expert-led production

Led by more than 800 industry experts chosen from around the world, our video-based tutorials are produced in-house at our cutting-edge California studios.

Relevant course recommendations

Learners get personalized, data-driven course recommendations based on career field, job role, skill set, self-selected interests and suggestions sourced from the more than 450 million professionals on LinkedIn.

Learning Paths

Our experts curate content into series of tutorials on dozens of topics that can be immediately shared with learners across your organization or easily customized to help them achieve goals.

Data to inspire learning

‪Using data from the network, you can quickly identify the most popular courses for each learner’s role, engage them with the most relevant content and help them develop new skills.

Learning options: read, listen or watch

LinkedIn Learning accommodates all learning styles. Learners can read course transcripts and closed captions, conveniently watch tutorials without disruption or listen on the go.

Access from any device

Relevant, recommended content is easily discoverable within the LinkedIn experience, including on an individual learner’s LinkedIn feed and their account profile page to help keep learning top of mind.

Measurable impact

Administrative tools including at-a-glance analytics keep you informed about learner adoption, engagement and more. Downloadable reports let you measure success and share metrics with stakeholders.