Mobil uygulama ile uçağı hacklemek

According to a report from Computerworld, Hugo Teso—a security consultant at the German security firm n.runs—showed how anyone with some basic knowledge and the right devices can take complete control over an aircraft from a remote location without ever having contact with the targeted plane.
What happens when a hacker gets bored and curious about airplane tracking systems? In the case of Brad “RenderMan” Haines, aka @ihackedwhat, a very interesting Def Con 20 presentation happened called “Hacker + Airplanes = No Good Can Come Of This.”

Help Net Security said that some of the functions that Teso showed off were:

  • Please go here: A way of interacting with the plane where the user can dynamically tap locations on the map and change the plane’s course.
  • Define area: Set detailed filters related to the airplane, for example activate something when a plane is in the area of X kilometers or when it starts flying on a predefined altitude.
  • Visit ground: Crash the airplane.
  • Kiss off: Remove itself from the system.
  • Be punckish: A theatric way of alerting the pilots that something is seriously wrong – lights start flashing and alarms start buzzing.