Multitasking and Productivity

To switch to something new takes time to reinvest your attention


Air traffic controllers take 15-30 min breaks every 2 hours

Context switching depletes your neuro biological resources

When programmers are involved in more projects, time to finish increases rapidly.


Exercise 1: Draw a line

Start timer

Write multitasking is a thief on top

Write numbers 1 2 3 …. 21  below the line

Stop the timer


Exercise 2 : time again

This time write 1 letter and 1 number like M 1 U 2 … above and below the line.



  1. Time
  2. Quality
  3. Stress


Any project longer than 90 days, is subject to procrastination


You need business objective for 3-5 years and link it to something tangible.


Toyota uses 4-5 different approach for 10-20 years and employs the most suitable one according to market needs.


hoshin kanri objective matrix


Fortune Magazine found that 80% of Fortune 500 companies use some sort of balanced performance metric approach to their strategy. But it also found that when a company fails, 70% of the time it wasn’t because of bad strategy—it was due to bad execution.

Hoshin planning can help mitigate that risk.


Customer Avatar


Value proposition


Scrum element


Gaining clarity and focus


Each task has specific attributes:







Your key asset is your customer database

Especially for B2B


Meetings = big company disease


Time blocking for projects and priority task


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