Online selling tips



Amazon PPC is growing massively


BURAK: Look into Pinterest shopping


If a prime user goes on to amazon 1 in 3 they buy something


Feedback and Review crucial


BURAK: Activate Amazon feedback programme




No point in doing ads if you don’t have the buybox


Buybox gets 85% of the sales


Reduce fulfilment costs with FBA Small and Light


Variants are important


XML is more flexible than CSV as it does not get distorted by commas.




2 types of Amazon PPC ads

Automatic ads – after it has been running keywords reveal


BURAK: 13 FEB Amazon seminar Anicca – send email to Ann


Feed optimize – Sync inventory with marketplaces


You can not put in leaflets and such but if the product itself has your brand name on it, you might have your website on there

BURAK: To check.


Success on Amazon

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You can convert personal ebay account to corporate account and inherit the stars


You can list the same product under different title to test which one is working better



Ebay acquired Terapeak




85% of the traffic for first year needs to be paid for on your own website


Think websites can be disposable. You can build a completely new website, you can upgrade it.


70% of agency revenue goes to staff wages. It is difficult to find people that know what they are doing.


Users are familiar with very good experience. They expect it from small businesses as well.


Used modules


Privacy & Cookie Policy Generator – for Websites and Apps | iubenda




Your product page needs to be very good if you are utilizing Google shopping ads. They land on product pages.