Paid Social Advertising


What is paid social advertising?


If you think your fans will see your content, you are wrong.


Organic social only drives 3-4% of the web traffic (15.000 business research)


Facebook limited again the organic reach of business posts:


Facebook overhauls News Feed to promote ‘more meaningful’ posts from family and friends – raising questions for businesses


UK is 3rd in ecommerce spending in the world (compared to 5th in GDP economy standing)

Half of the spending is paid search (google ads mostly)

Social spend is 20%

Digital advertising is half of all UK advertising (consider TV, newspaper all that)


If your content is working well organically, you can try using it in the ads. Because it is relevant and engaging for the audience (BURAK: But it might not bring in the conversions necessarily)


Ad fatigue:

Facebook ads can have ad fatigue if shown in high frequency (eg: 10). Because you are showing them to the same audience. You can rotate ads for the same audience.

Google does not have this as much because there is always a new customer proactively searching for your product every day. It is a dynamic audience so you can use same ad.


Ad optimization:

Do more of what works. Do less of what does not work.


Champion and challenger ad:

Invest in your best performing ad but try to experiment with new things with challenger ads to see if it resonates better with the audience.


When you have small budget, it is good to focus on leads and conversion rather than awareness, reach and engagement.


Dynamic Product and Remarketing Ads

is the most important for ecommerce.

(BURAK: We are already doing remarketing ads but need to look into just product ads to acquire extra customers)

For ecommerce:  Website conversion ads and Dynamic Product ads


You need to have a high converting website to afford cost per click to do feasible advertising.


Linkedin cost per clicks are around 5 GBP

Linkedin inmails are about 40p – which can be more sensible compared to click


Social media generally assists the sale,

not usually starting and finishing the sale all inside social.


Facebook performs better in conversion leads rather than clicks. But you need to set the conversion up correctly.


Minimum budget per month should be 500 GBP.


Lead Generating Ads

List of benefits, why I should give out my information?

Explain why and what they are going to get exactly.

You can include your GDPR policy in the terms.

You can also test making people fill the form in your website, compared to lead generating ads


Sequential Ads

Show different ads to website visitors, cart visitors etc to move them further in the conversion funnel.


User returning to the website through social remarketing ads can convert up to 3x better


Honeypot – cross channel technique

Get people interested with facebook ads. Make them visit your website

Tag them

ReTarget them and adjust bids on Google


Quality of the image – social ads. Especially on Instagram


Pinterest over 40,

Instagram less than 40


Instagram works well with the younger audience.



Ad options starting to look similar to FB

5 GBP per click – highest

Good way is to grow organically via contacts on Linkedin



Transient platform

Good for targeting TV programmes, as they might be using TW at the same time.

Around 50p click mark

We tend to do last.

Check competitors if they are utilizing it.


Agencies 500-700 GBP per day for their services



You can focus on 2-3 themes

You can play around with different formats to see which one is performing better

If you have lots of options, it might be difficult to see which one is performing better and by


You need to spend enough money on different campaigns to see if it is working

Make sure you have all the content, images, photography in advance


Do not use boost post button. It is not targeted.



Marketplace eCommerce Retailer Interest Form





You can do separate campaign for grandparents – they tend to spend more on grandkids.


Custom audience – interacted with previous ads


You can target according to – kids aged – having an iphone


For consumer goods audience could be between 500k- 1 million

For b2b it can be several 10k


Narrower the audience, expensive to get same amount of clicks. Cost per click goes up.


Edit placements – you can turn off audience network.


Instagram is a bit more expensive than FB


When you are charged – not impression – but for CPC


Bid options – automatic works better than manual

But on google you also need manual

Google Tag Manager – Easier and faster


GDPR and Cookie Policy


Facebook audience network – can get cheap clicks but might be accidental clicks.


Thumb stopping moment

You might need a text on the visual of a social media post / ad. So people can understand what it is about in 1 sec.


Psychology of the marketing

People follow the eyes of the model in the visual

(BURAK: some more examples on psychology of marketing: )




AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The way you grab attention is with your headline. … Once you build up the desire, you are ready for the last part of AIDA, which is the call to action for those people to buy whatever it is you are trying to sell to them.



Before – Describe the current state of existence

After – Illustrate how glorious the future could be

Bridge – How you can help the customer get there

Best for:

Blogs, social media, email marketing, landing pages


FAB – features advantages benefits

FAB stands for Features, Advantages, and Benefits. A FAB Statement is explaining the feature, what it does (the advantage), and how that benefits the prospective client. Features are one of the easier things to identify. … It connects the facts about your product to a solution for your client.


4Us, useful urgent unique ultra specific

Google search


Relevancy score
If it is less than 5, you should be improving the content


Generally FB does not like 3rd party tools of adespresso and hootsuite (for paid advertising)



You can use IN pixel and get B2B data – which companies are visiting your website?

Inmail – cheapest thing you can do in linkedin

Companion ad – it is free with inmail. If you do not use it, someone else’s ad will show