Symantec bile hacklenirse

When Antivirus Firms Can’t Tell They’ve Been Hacked, We’re All Doomed

Symantec has been scrabbling around trying address a security breach from 2006 that came to light recently. But the fact that the company wasn’t sure its was hacked in the first place doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Symantec originally said that the worst case scenario was that hackers had stolen some five-year-old versions of some business-centric software. Since, they’ve suggested that corporate users should stop using their software. Turns out, they’re not entirely sure what did happen. A Symantec spokesperson told Wired:

    “We knew there was an incident in 2006, but it was inconclusive at the time as to whether or not actual code was taken.”

I am certainly not about to hold Symantec up as some kind of bastion of online security. But, when a company that trades on digital security can’t tell exactly how it’s been hacked, what the hell does that say about the industry as a whole?