The Book Summary of 12 Months to $1 Million by Ryan Daniel Moran

Entrepreneur Ryan Daniel Moran shares a comprehensive strategy in his book, “12 Months to $1 Million,” guiding readers on launching and growing a million-dollar business within a year. The core approach involves selling three to five tailored products to a specific audience. Moran, recognized for his success with Sheer Strength Labs and, provides proven techniques for product creation, marketing, and brand-building. The guide covers essential steps, from product development to sustaining post-launch growth, drawing from Moran’s experience in assisting over 100 entrepreneurs in achieving million-dollar success.

Building a Million-Dollar Business in One Year

Moran stresses the significance of selling three to five products, each generating 25 to 30 daily sales at around $30. While he provides a formula, experts suggest considering various strategies based on specific offerings. Building a brand is crucial, extending beyond products to establish a unique identity fostering customer trust and loyalty.

Step 1: Develop Your First Product

  1. Identify Your Audience: Create detailed customer profiles to understand your target audience.
  2. Explore Their Shopping List: List three to five products your audience typically buys through online research.
  3. Choose Your First Product: Focus on the initial product that addresses customers’ primary needs.
  4. Research Audience Opinions: Investigate opinions on similar products to understand market gaps.
  5. Find a Solution: Develop a product that addresses a problem identified through audience opinions.
  6. Plan Your Product Line: Introduce complementary products that help customers achieve the same goal.

Turn Your Idea Into a Product

  • Find a Supplier: Source suppliers on platforms like, order ready-made samples, and modify them for efficiency.
  • Efficient Modifications: Refine ready-made samples efficiently rather than ordering custom prototypes.
  • Test and Get Feedback: Test modified samples, gather audience feedback, and make necessary adjustments.
  • Order Small Inventory: Begin with a small inventory to minimize risk.
  • Stick With Reliable Suppliers: Prioritize suppliers offering timely delivery and effective communication.

Additional Notes:

  • Building a brand involves creating a distinctive identity beyond a collection of related products.
  • Moran emphasizes targeting a specific market to cut through the noise and attract passionate customers.
  • Refine products based on direct feedback and avoid perfectionism.
  • Ordering a slightly larger inventory may be beneficial to avoid stockouts.
  • A reliable supplier is crucial for maintaining consistent inventory.

Launching Your Product for a Million-Dollar Business

After creating the first product, Moran emphasizes building an engaged audience before the launch. Key steps include:

  1. Build an Engaged Audience: Focus on quality, aiming for 1,000 followers, 10 personal connections, and one engaged influencer.
  2. Value, Relationships, and Desire: Jeff Walker’s strategy involves providing value, building relationships, and creating desire.
  3. Plan the Logistics of Your Launch: Set a launch date a few days after product readiness, choose selling platforms, and select suitable social media based on audience activity.
  4. Create Content and Engage: Include calls to action, share content in a comfortable format, and interact with the audience.
  5. Recruit Support for Your Launch: Leverage your network, connect with smaller influencers, and offer incentives for early buyers.

By executing these steps, Moran suggests generating excitement, attracting an engaged audience, and driving successful sales during the product launch, laying the foundation for a million-dollar business.

Growing Your Sales for a Million-Dollar Business

Once the product is launched, focus shifts to maintaining momentum and achieving growth, aiming for 25 sales per day. Key elements include:

  1. Achieving 25 Sales per Day: Moran suggests this goal, but experts recommend broader metrics based on trends over time.
  2. Maintain Your Inventory: Emphasizes inventory management to avoid stockouts, with tips on restocking and using inventory management software.
  3. Maintain Your Funding: Recommends having $10,000 available and explores funding options like investor relations, crowdfunding, and borrowing.
  4. Get Positive Reviews: Emphasizes engaging customers and encouraging positive reviews.

By focusing on maintaining inventory, securing funding, and cultivating positive customer reviews, Moran suggests achieving the daily sales target, laying the foundation for a million-dollar business.

Scaling Your Business to a Million-Dollar Level

Step 4: Launch the Rest of Your Product Line

After reaching a daily sales target for the initial product, Moran advises expanding the product line strategically, aiming for three to five products, each selling 25 to 30 units daily at around $30. Before launching, ensure customer need, develop a comprehensive market strategy, reveal the product concept, and prepare for obstacles. Advertising focus is crucial, emphasizing building relationships with influencers, starting with smaller creators and networking with larger influencers.

Step 5: Decide Whether to Scale or Sell Your Business

Once the entire product line generates $100,000 in monthly sales, Moran suggests deciding whether to pay yourself, continue growing, or sell the business. If growing, focus on transforming it into a sustainable entity. If selling, retain a minority stake, choose a buyer who values the business, and seek professional advice.

In essence, strategic decision-making aligned with long-term goals is key, whether growing or selling.