Truth about new internet access regulation

In fact new ICTA (Information and Communication Technologies Authority) regulation is not bringing / dictating anything to users regarding current use of internet. Partial media is dramatizing the issue for political purposes as the election is near.

New filters are introduced which will censor certain disturbing elements for kids and companies. These filters are absolutely voluntary. Every existing internet subscriber will be appointed to Standard packet which will not change the way we use internet today. Such inspection on web access has been done by software and corporate filters for years.

(Article 11-1) Only slight change is that regulation requires censorship evading Technologies such as DNS changing, VPN etc. to be logged and reported by ISP (Internet Service Provider) to ICTA.

(11-2) ICTA holds right to do additional regulations about these evades. Currently there are no legal sanctions about this issue, but there is ground to be so. Currently and after 2011 Aug, it is not a crime to use tunneling and Proxy software.

Current censorships are illegal subjects such as:
– Suicidal
– Child abuse
– Drugs, narcotics
– Pornography
– Prostitution
– Gambling

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– Nothing in our daily life will change.
– We will not be forced into a filter or a new kind of censorship
– There are no new crime definitions regarding proxies, DNS change etc

Downloading MP3s is crime for as long as we can remember. However everyone is downloading MP3s but no one is in prison in Turkey.
Even if there are legal sanctions and new censorships, people will quickly adopt new ways to access censored content.