Twitter content standards

  • Participation Rules shall be prepared for all Hashtag, retweet and similar Twitter campaigns by using the Digital Standards template as a base. Preferably, it should be shared on Facebook as a note and the link should be provided on the campaign announcement tweets on Twitter.
  • For Twitter campaigns such as retweets, prize winners shall be examined carefully to avoid giving prizes to campaign-hunting accounts that are fake or troll, or that do not contain any personal entries. Real followers and fans of the brand shall be given priority instead.


  • If the tweet will begin with a mention, in order for more people to view it without getting stuck on the (no replies) filter, a period may be used as the first character of the tweet and the mention can begin after the second character.
  • When mirroring Facebook contents to Twitter, they must be changed to retweet from “like,” or to mention/reply from comment and so on.
  • When sending tweets, links and photographs must be sent by checking if they open correctly on mobile applications as well.
  • Links shall be sent by using URL abbreviation services such as, which allow counting the number of clicks.  The number of clicks must be reported to the brand and Digital monthly.
  • Proposed text in the content plan or coming from the brand/Digital must be rechecked for orthographic or spelling mistakes prior to entering.