Video Marketing

A visual could be worth 1000 words. Video can be 1 million. It is a moving picture.


Within the next 4 years Facebook could be “All video”

  • Nicola, VP for FB EMEA



YouTube is ranked as the UK’s second most popular social media channel with almost as many users as Facebook.


Last year, it was reported by Flint that 37.1 million adults are using the platform in the UK. Although there are no up to date statistics, we can see that YouTube and Facebook regularly battle it out for the most visited social media platform every month.


Globally, the average viewing session is 40 minutes, up 50% from last year according to Omicore. Many brands are now using YouTube as it’s a great place to host longer form content. Unlike other social networks, where users scroll passively through newsfeeds, Youtube users are intentionally searching on the platform for videos to watch.


Types of Youtube videos


Talking head

indoors, lightning to be considered



On screen demonstration

People don’t have access to good teachers can still access

people don’t appear on videos


How to use website videos

Shopping cart, show people how to use it

Might not have use on youtube, but you can include it on your website


Hand video

FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review


Ryan ToysReview


Eye contact is important in videos


Youtube quality content about 10 mins

Longer videos live in Youtube, shorter videos are more suitable for Facebook


Attention span 

of about 7 seconds

You need to cut / edit

Can get multiple shots that can be used together


Get ahead and schedule on your video production

Preferably post 1 video every week


Largest Youtube channel


Things to watch out for video quality

Sound is vital. You need external mic

Shot framing is key.

If talking head, center, or side, bring something (graphics etc) to the side


Half a million Royalty free music that you can use on your Youtube videos

But not anywhere else

Avoid music license issues


Sunlight is very good if you have it


Youtube Business Benefits

  • Free video hosting platform, very fast
  • You need to use it as a Social Media, eg. comment on other videos etc
  • Powerful advertising tools
  • Second largest search engine


People looking for reviews, tend to be ready to buy those products


Product showcase

Will it blend

Actor is their CEO


Don’t wait to be forget, then you will never be able to start


Brand sponsored channel

Mum’s eye view

Powered by Asda


Finding Youtubbers

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Youtube is almost viewable everywhere (eg on Twitter, it is embeddable)

Facebook as a video platform

It is not a good idea to post YT video on FB because FB limits the amount of its reach. Because FB is promoting its own video platform



FB video is very unlikely to be seen outside of FB. Walled garden.

If I am on TW, I might not want to leave TW and go to FB to just a video.


Vimeo, 1/10 of the size of YT. Videographers, Web developers

YT includes all kinds of people, low quality comments etc

Vimeo community feels a bit more professional, quality of the videos are much better.

Provides you with a ad-free embed option


Dailymotion – EU equivalent of YT

Stuff with copyright


Wistia – embed your videos on your website

You can consider SEO benefits because your websites are ranking better


I’m not a YouTube partner, so why am I seeing ads next to my videos?

Ads may appear next to your uploaded videos even if you haven’t monetized the videos yourself.

If your video contains content to which you don’t own all necessary rights, the rights holder may have identified his/her content in your video and chosen to place ads on it. Ads may be displayed on your videos if they contain soundtracks from the AudioSwap library or if the content in your video has been identified by Content ID.


Sprout video


Payment gateways –


Youtube channel art

YouTube recommends uploading channel art at 2560 x 1440


Channel Trailer



are crucial to enable people to watch more than one video


35% drop in viewership if you start your video with a logo

Start immediately adding value.

After 10-15 seconds in, you can mention branding

Unlisted videos 

Does not physically show up on your channel

But still, link is shareable.

You can embed it

No notification goes to your subscribers.


It is good to repeat the title of the video on the first sentence in description. You can change it slightly though.

You can use these in your titles:

Type of video – what it is about – who it is for


Add every single one of your videos into a playlist.



People see it on search

If you embed it, people will see it before playing

Custom thumbnail – and they don’t have to show in the video

Pick a style you stick to it

You can do it on canva


Keywords on websites are not effective or even spammy in terms of SEO

But keywords on youtube is still relevant (tags)


Editing a video is possible in Youtube (beta)


CTA Cards – Call to action

Watch another video

Promote another channel


Approved website link


Captions – transcribe the video


Facebook video

You can tag products

Include cost, description, image and link back to website


Promoting your videos


Live streaming

Focus on content

Quality might be lower but that’s the point

You can go live in a Facebook group.

Twitch – screen broadcast not just games

Connection speed

It should not look too staged

Start when you are going live, don’t waste time at the start


Product Demonstration

Product review






Youtube advertising

Trueview watch: 30 sec – TrueView: Views: The number of times your ad has been viewed. For TrueView in-stream, this is the number of times a viewer watches for 30 seconds of your video (or the duration if it’s shorter than 30 seconds) or engages with your video (in-stream), whichever comes first.

You can get YT views for 1-2p per 30 seconds